OMR Template

OMR Template

An OMR template is used to print scannable OMR sheets that are compatible with and recognised by OMR software.

OMR sheets used for scanning and automatic processing, will always have a barcode which is used by the OMR software’s processor to recognise the form pages.

OMR pages will always have small barcodes or registration marks that are used by the OMR software’s processor, to locate where the checkbox bubbles are on the page.


Image: An OMR answer sheet template designed for testing and assessments in Education. Barcodes are used by scanning software for form recognition and location of the data capture areas.

For OMR software, the omr sheet template is published and the pages are printed on plain paper . OMR sheets are used for lickert scale, multiple choice surveys, evaluations, questionnaires, assessments, checklists, answer sheets exams and tests.

If you want custom designed, scannable omr sheets an OMR sheet editor for creating the template, is key to integration and recognition of the forms by the omr software. Much less effort than traditional omr sheet design software.

An omr sheet editor makes it easy to create a template that looks the way you want. You can include shapes, lines, images or text alongside the OMR bubbles.

The added benefit is the OMR sheets you print from the template will be automatically recognised by the software when you scan them back in. No need to train the omr sheet template to be recognised.

OMR Questionnaire Sheet

Image: This is the type of omr sheet template designed for HR assessments.

Designing an OMR template in a word processor is required by some types of OMR software. This sounds like a great and easy way to design your OMR sheets. However when the template is designed this way it will **not be instantly recognised by the omr software. When an OMR template is created in a word processing program, **it will need to be trained which involves quite a few complicated steps. Especially if you are not experienced with this process.

Click here to download and print free OMR bubble answer sheets and questionnaire Sample Forms which are instantly recognised by the OMR software. You can also download a free trial of the omr software and use it to try out the sample forms or you can create your own forms using the in built OMR sheet template editor.

Print, scan and capture OMR sheets automatically, which are used for any type of checkbox bubble response forms. The OMR sheets are scanned with an ordinary scanner, preferrably an automatic document feed scanner. These scanners work like printers, except they scan the forms.

When the filled in omr sheets have been returned and scanned, the checkbox response marks, are captured from the scanned images by the OMR software processor and automatically converted to readable checkbox value data.

An OMR Answer Sheet template is printed into as many sheets as needed for your project.

OMR Sheet Template Editor

OMR sheet design tools

Image: Interface of OMR Sheet Template Editor, used to create custom design OMR sheet templates has the tools needed to quickly add the OMR components to the template.

Create a template and print your own OMR sheets. The OMR sheet template design editor built in to the OMR software creates an omr template, which is compatible and automatically recognized by the software when the sheets are scanned in.

OMR Template Design Tools

OMR sheet design tools

The OMR sheet template is designed using special drawing tools such as the checkbox tool for adding banks of checkboxes and the barcode tool for adding a page identifying barcode or a barcode area for affixing unique barcode labels.

Features of the OMR Sheet Editor

The OMR sheet editor is included with the OMR software to design OMR templates which will be compatible with the OMR software.

  • Automatically integrate OMR sheets with the OMR Software
  • Easily design your own OMR template using the checkbox tool to add a banks of checkbox bubbles, then edit the number, size or shape of the bubbles.
  • Click on the Text tool to create a text area and start typing.
  • Click the image tool to insert full color SVG images and make a professional custom form.
  • Click on the barcode tool to add barcodes for form recognition and to identify who each form belongs to.
  • Click the barcode area tool to add a barcode area for affixing your own barcode labels.

Make a Custom Designed OMR Template

Traditionally OMR sheets have been created as answer sheets for multiple choice testing. However OMR software technology gives you form design flexibility. The OMR template can have other page elements added alongside the checkbox bubbles.

  • Text can be added on the same page as the checkboxes for easy reading of questions,
  • SVG full color images for professionally designed forms,
  • Diagrams, lines and borders can be added for explanation or appearance.

In circumstances where the forms are used for research surveys, it makes the questions easier to read and answer by the respondents. Design your OMR sheets as simply or as professionally as you wish.

As long as the Checkbox bubbles and barcodes don’t overlap with the other objects on the template, so as not to interfere with the OMR component detection. on the scanned images of OMR sheets will cause errors in the detection by the OMR software.

Free OMR Software Trial

Get started creating, printing and scanning your own OMR sheets using the FormReturn OMR Software 30 days Free OMR Software Trial - A fully integrated OMR software solution with built in OMR sheet editor for creating your own custom design OMR sheet response forms, or download and print an OMR sheet template, pre-designed in the software. Use your scanner and computer to automatically capture filled in checkbox responses from scanned OMR sheet surveys, assessments, exams, ballot papers, checklists etc.