OMR Sheet Scanners

OMR Sheet Scanners

The type of OMR scanner you use will depend on the OMR sheets you have to scan. If they are plain paper OMR sheets, they can be scanned with a regular scanner and read using OMR software on your pc computer or laptop. If they are specially printed OMR Reader sheets, they will need to be scanned with the OMR reader scanner they compatible with.

Image: A simple document scanner can be used for OMR Software sheet scanning. An ADF scanner will accurately feed the omr sheets and produce clear images that can be read by the software.

How to Scan OMR Software Sheets

OMR sheets are scanned with a regular scanner that can procuce clear images.

Clearly scanned omr sheets, avoid errors which can occur with the detection of filled checkbox bubbles and barcodes.

A dedicated scanner for scanning OMR sheets is recomended so that scanned OMR sheet images are consistant quality that can be read by the OMR software you use.

A scanner with an automatic paper feeding tray is good for fast, OMR sheet scanning when you have hundreds of forms to scan and process.

Keep in mind an overloaded feeding tray can cause errors such as double feeding.

If the paper guides in the OMR scanner are too tight for the paper size, adjust them to make for smoother error free scanning.

If your OMR sheet scans can’t be detected by OMR software, the scanner’s dpi resolution should be adjusted to produce a clear enough image that isn’t too large.

Images taken with a high dpi (more than 400dpi) are larger and will take longer to process by OMR software.

Regularly clean the scan head as trapped debris can cause streaks to appear on the scanned images.

OMR sheets must be compatible with the omr software being used, usually by way of a barcode type.

Scanned OMR sheet image files are saved as png., Tif. or gif files. The image files are uploaded into OMR software on any desktop or laptop pc.

A TWAIN compliant scanner will connect to the OMR scanning software for one click scanning, and automatically produce the correct type of image that the OMR scanning software needs.

If you don’t have a TWAIN compliant scanner, you will need to manually set up the scanner to capture the correct scan and save it as the correct file type for the OMR scanning software.

Check the OMR scanning software specifications to determine the type of scanned image files the OMR software will recognize.

Scannable OMR Sheets

Unless OMR sheets are compatible with the OMR system which is being used, they will be unable to be recognised by the software. The scanned OMR sheets must have printed barcodes or registration marks, that the OMR software processor uses to recognise each page and to locate where the checkboxes appear on the page.

Free Printable OMR Sheets

Choose from Letter and A4 size paper. Print and use for your next OMR sheet survey, OMR sheet assessment or OMR sheet test.

OMR Sheet Templates designed with the OMR sheet editor can be printed and used with OMR Scanning Software for automating the collection of peoples responses from multiple choice checkbox OMR forms.

Folded lines on forms will cause black lines to appear on the scanned images which can interfere with the detection of OMR sheets by the OMR scanning software. If forms must be folded they should contain a dotted line for folding which doesn’t interfere with the checkbox bubbles or barcodes.

OMR sheet

An OMR Answer Sheet designed for OMR software is printed on plain paper. Each sheet includes a page identifying barcode and 2 smaller barcodes which are used to locate where the checkbox areas appear on the page.

Free OMR Software Trial

Download the free trial version of OMR Software for scanning and reading OMR sheets, exams, tests, assessments or surveys.

Free OMR Trial

OMR sheet scanning software requires a uniquely designed OMR sheet template that can be recognised by the software. With this free trial, create the correct type of OMR sheet using the built in, fully visual OMR sheet editor. OMR scanning software uses plain paper OMR sheets printed on your regular printer.

No need to train the OMR sheets to be recognized by the OMR Scanning software, the OMR sheets are recognized and integrated immediately by the OMR sheet scanning software, without the need to be trained.

omr form design

Image: Fully visual omr sheet design editor