OMR Scanning Software

OMR Scanning Software

Dedicated OMR sheet scanners only have one purpose, are difficult to operate, expensive and require specially printed OMR sheets to be purchased.

You can use your regular scanner and computer to do the same job. You can also print your own OMR sheet forms on plain paper instead of paying for specially printed OMR sheet forms.

OMR scanning software is a solution used by many organizations for quickly and automatically collecting multiple choice checkbox response feedback data from plain paper forms such as surveys, checklists, student multiple choice test papers and training college evaluations.

OMR scanning software captures the checkbox value of filled in multiple choice answer responses from scanned plain paper OMR sheets.

OMR scanning software relies on clear images of the OMR sheets, scanned using a simple document scanner. Clear OMR sheet images will be accurately read and captured by the software and converted into computer data. No need for manual data entry.

Image: An OMR sheet is designed by adding checkbox bubbles using the built in OMR template editor. The OMR template is immediately recognized by the OMR software which will detect and show the values of the filled in checkboxes.

An OMR Software Trial can be used to see for yourself how OMR scanning software is used to create OMR sheet tests and surveys that can be scanned and automatically processed for your next data collection assignment.

Click on the Download tab to start downloading the free OMR scanning software trial today.

Time and expense is saved by anyone who takes advantage of OMR scanning software, working at a speed hundreds of times faster than manual collection and data entry of response information taken from exams, surveys, assessments, checklists and ballot forms.

Create and Print your own OMR sheets for Software based OMR sheet scanning. The OMR sheets can be scanned with a regular image scanner to automate the collection of the responses. Document scanners or flatbed scanners can be used with OMR scanning software, but a document scanner with an automatic paper feeding tray is recommended for scanning large numbers of OMR sheets.

OMR scanning software as an OMR solution, allows you to print your own paper OMR response sheets which saves you the need to buy the specially printed OMR forms which are a requirement of OMR readers. OMR scanning software is perfect for surveys, exams, patient assessments, quality assurance sheets, checklists and ballot sheets. Multiple choice question response OMR sheets, can be created with your own unique design and printed on plain paper. Because OMR software has the flexibility of question text and full color svg images being added to the OMR sheet template, a unique and professional OMR sheet design can be made by the user of OMR scanning software.

How to Use OMR Scanning Software

1. Design, Publish and Print your own OMR Sheets, saving the ongoing cost of buying specifically printed OMR bubble sheets to use with your OMR scanning software.


A built in omr sheet template editor integrates printed sheets automatically with the software.

2. Scan OMR sheets with a regular document image scanner.


Scanning OMR sheets on a regular document scanner.

3. Manage the captured OMR Sheet Data


Captured Data includes form identification, barcode information, checkbox value data, source data records.

4. Export captured data to an excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Captured Data is automatically exported by OMR Scanning Software to a spreadsheet.